Maps in Pennant’s Outlines of the Globe

Three of the four volumes have a large foldout map tipped in at the front of the volume, illustrating the geographical area covered by each volume (volume II doesn’t get its own map because it is covered by the map of “Hindoostan” at the front of volume I).

Hindoostan (Vol. I)

India Extra Gangem, China, and Japan (Vol. III)

New Holland and the Spicy Islands (Vol. IV)

Because the maps are folded in on themselves, some of the ink from the engravings has rubbed off where parts of the map have been pressed up against itself. This leads to ghostly landscapes running under and over the “real” landscape–an accident of printing and storage, but a delightful part of experiencing this book up close.

Space matters: the map expands out of the bounds of the book, and offers a peek/preview of what subject will be covered by the book.

Space matters

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